Join Research

For students who are interested in doing research in the Recommender system (RS) areas with me, there are several steps:

  1. Read articles I wrote here:
  2. Search the newest papers related to the recommender system (it is about 10 - 20 papers) - you can find RS handbooks here
  3. Discuss your ideas and send those to:
  4. Join the "recommender system group" at telegram:

Prospective Students:

  1. Basic knowledge in Programming (Python would be better)
  2. Expected to study hard and learn new knowledge
  3. Web/Mobile Development (optional)
  4. Minimum GPA: 3.00

Available research topics:

  1. Image extraction for content-based filtering RS
  2. Music extraction recommender system
  3. Model-based recommender system in several domains
  4. Knowledge-based recommender system
  5. Cross-domain recommender system
  6. Deep learning in recommender system
  7. Aux. information & latent factors in collaborative filtering RS

Other topics:

  1. Text classification/Sentiment Analysis: RNN, LSTM, Attention, Transformer
  2. Word embedding in NLP: Glove, Word2Vec, fastText, BERT
  3. Machine learning model improvement using several datasets.
  4. Neural Machine Translation


  1. Free access datacamp & DQLab e-learning platform to improve your coding skills in R & Python related to Machine learning & Data Mining.
  2. Intense discussion (twice a week)
  3. Publication support (reputed journal or conference)


Handbooks and other resources for recommender system: (please using Amikom mail account)

Any questions? Feel free to contact me at or drop your messages to the comment form


  1. Halo pak. Saya Hanif Al Irsyad mahasiswa Informatika Amikom Yogyakarta saat ini berada di semester 5 yang sangat tertarik dengan machine learning, dan saya sangat tertarik dengan research topics yang bapak buat. Jika saya ingin mengikuti kolaborasi research ini saya harus menghubungi bapak melalui email atau bagaimana pak?

    1. Silahkan bisa kirim ke email mas, topik apa yang anda minati dan saat ini sudah mempelajari apa saja terkait topik tersebut.

  2. Halo. Selamat sore pak, saya Ade Febrian mahasiswa S1 Informatika Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta, melihat topik research yang bapak sedang lakukan yaitu cross-domain recommender saya sangat tertarik untuk bergabung, saya sudah mengirimkan email ke email bapak yang dicantumkan dipostingan ini, terimakasih

    1. Ok, thanks mas sudah korespondensi ke email.